"Being a coffee lover, I believe the coffees at I Have a Bean are the best I have ever tasted. In my travels I have been to Canada, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and most of America. So far, no coffee anywhere I have been compares to the aromas and flavors of I Have a Bean coffees. Keep up the great job at your roasting plant. You have me hooked."

- Barry S. - Rockford IL.

Normal Roasting Plant Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 am-6:00 pm.
Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Same day order pickup Mon-Fri after 2:00 pm
Closed all national holidays.

Plant Address:
655 Childs St.
Wheaton, IL

We want to hear from you

We are always interested in hearing from our customers! If you have questions, or want more information about any aspect of our mission, we want to hear from you.
If you have comments about our coffee (assuming they’re positive!) we’d like your permission to quote what you say on our web site. You can indicate the granting or denial of your permission in your communication.

Looking for a job?:

First: Do not call. Our H.R. Department is only part-time right now and it does not have its own phone number. We have no job openings at this time but we're working on creating an employment section on our website that will list job openings when they occur and will provide you with more information regarding the hiring process. Until then, if you are a former felon looking for employment with us, we'll want to have your resume or job application on file. The best way to let us know about you is via email. Just click this link: hireme@IHaveABean.com or email us directly at that address. The email will go directly to our H.R. department and your contact will added to our file. If you have a resume attach it to the email and send it along. Employment requests sent to any other email address will not be responded to.

Customers can reach us at any of the following:


Second Chance Coffee Company
657 Childs St.
Wheaton, IL 60187

or 630.384.9657
Whichever you choose, we are always interested in hearing from you.

Only required if you want us to contact you by phone.
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